5 Benefits of Sprouted Oat Gr

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Can Sprouted Green Oat Grass help you?

What is Oat Grass?


Imagine if your multivitamins were popping up out of the ground, fresh and you could just walk over and pull those multivitamins and multi-minerals out of the ground? That would be pretty amazing right?

I want to talk about sprouted food here and the benefits us humans can obtain from this amazing grass. It really is a superfood, micronutrient rich all in one greens.

Well, I would love to introduce you to Oat Grass. This power house sprouted super green really does make a difference to how you feel, how regular you are and your mental clarity.

When prepared correctly, it is easy to consume and include into your daily, morning routine. Imagine getting a serving of greens into your body quickly and easily before walking out the front door in the morning?



Is Oat Grass Gluten Free?


Yes it is! But be sure it says it on the label of the product you buy and it is made in a gluten free facility to make sure. Some companies out there do grow Oat plants close to wheat plants and are processed in facilities that also process wheat. This is not what you want if you are gluten intolerant, you are living with coeliac disease or are mildly sensitive to it. 

If you’re on a strict gluten free diet. Coeliac Australia is a great source of research and information. 





What does Oat Grass do for your body?


Antioxidants help protect your bodies cells against free radicals. A natural antioxidant supplement that is very potent and one you need for optimal wellbeing, mental health and assist preventing the development of a wide range of illnesses and disease.


How Does Oat Grass Improve Mental Health?


As age increases our important neurotransmitter Dopamine involved in happiness, motivation and drive actually decreases. It is found that an enzyme identified as MAO-B (Monoamine Oxidase-B) is the cause of the decline in Dopamine levels as we age.

The enzyme MAO-B regulates how much dopamine we need in our brain. But as we age, the levels of MAO-B increase and Dopamine levels end up decreasing. Oat Grass has been found to actually inhibit MAO-B in order to protect healthy levels of Dopamine, improving quality of life, mental health, cognition, sexual health, mental clarity, stress and even longevity.


What are the types of Oat Grass?


lifegrip-oatgrass-oatstraw-oat-straw-oat-grass-green-juice-super-greens-5greens-ulcerative-colitisThis is an easy food to consume with options. Always best in the whole food form but ideal in the whole food powdered form. Here’s a list below of how you’ll see it prepared for you and ready for consumption;






Does Oat Grass contain Vitamins and Minerals?


This is a superfood of multivitamins and multiminerals steering your body and mind towards health, vitality and allowing you to feel how amazing your body and mind should be feeling on a daily basis.

Many underestimate the true power of greens. Yes, green vegetables, green leafy vegetables and sprouted greens. Millions of people are looking for that magic superfood, that magic supplement that will turn their health around, well look no further than green vegetables. They are low in carbohydrates but very very high in micronutrients. Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants.


Here are 5 benefits to consuming this vital greens Oat Grass


  1. Improves Brain Health
  2. Eliminate Ulcerative Colitis
  3. Digestive Health
  4. Increase Dopamine
  5. Helps Treat Addictions


I’m a firm believer in making sure there is something green in every meal. When it comes to choosing what veggies to eat, choose colour but it’s hard to beat leafy greens.  Check out 5 solid reasons below why Oat Grass is a perfect choice.





  1. Improves Brain Health

Increasing Nitric Oxide and in doing so improving your Cerebral Blood Flow (the blood flow to your brain). Many do not even think bout what we feed ourselves, not to mention our brain. Our brain needs food, be it glucose or ketones, but it needs micronutrients and amino acids to build our neurotransmitters to keep us happy, driven and calm.

Your blood carries nutrients, brain food and oxygen to the brain. Doing every little bit we can to ensure the right amount of blood flow is very very important. Nitric Oxid is a vasodilator and helps increase blood flow and OatGrass does a great job of this. Is your brain getting what it needs?


  1. Eliminate Ulcerative Colitis

A condition commonly known and maybe caused from low levels of good healthy bacteria in the gut. Resulting in a large amount of toxins within the bowel, creating a not so healthy GUT environment which reduces efficiency of nutrient absorption from the food we eat.

Oat Grass improves and helps eliminate this health declining condition. By reducing inflammation in the bowel from lowering an  inflammation chemical known as NF-k, thus promoting a healthy environment and increasing the amount of healthy bacteria. Just what you need.

Usually ulcerative colitis treatment consists of an ulcerative colitis diet regimen. Give Oat Grass as part of your morning routine, but as with anything, consult your doctor first.


  1. Digestive Health

Rich in digestive enzymes and the ingredients needed to promote a healthy GUT environment, you’ll be absorbing more of the nutrients from the food you eat everyday.  Not to mention the fiber content that will keep you regular.  Remember it’s not just what you eat, it is what you absorb!


  1. Increase Dopamine

As we age, the levels of the enzyme MAO-B increases too much and Dopamine levels end up decreasing, resulting in a higher risk of mental illness such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons Diseases. Low Dopamine levels have been found in people with ADHD and various mental health declining conditions.

Dopamine is involved in our happiness levels, risk and reward, sexual health, drive and motivation and our general quality of life and mental wellness. Research shows that Oat Grass inhibits MAO-B in order to protect the healthy levels of Dopamine we need to live a better quality of life and get adequate sleep and better manage stress.


  1. Helps Treat Addictions

Oat grass and healthy levels of Dopamine helps with addictions. Dopamine releases with risk and reward, every time you do something you enjoy and provides joy and pleasure. The Hypothalamus releases Dopamine when you do these things making you feel good.

We do things for how we feel, not what we get materially. We do everything for a feeling, remember that.

When people are trying to give up an addiction to a substance (alcohol, drugs, sweet and fatty foods, gambling etc), levels of dopamine decrease because there is no more of the thing we have given up. This is the withdrawal symptoms people feel. No more of the stimulant, no more dopamine!

Because that was what the person turned to for Dopamine (to feel good), there is now nothing there to stimulate the release of Dopamine. Oat Grass ensures your brain will continue to get that supply of dopamine, keeping you in a better mental state making giving up your addiction much easier. People have a much higher success rate.

Learn more here on the benefits of greens in your daily diet.


Can Oat Grass make you look younger?




What you feed yourself end up feeding your skin. All the skin care products in the world won’t matter much if you’re not eating healthily mainly from clean whole food sources.

Amazing grass for skin health, supplying nutrients, vitamins, minerals to help you look younger and feel better in your own healthy skin. Maintain that youthful look and bounce with a daily dose of Oat Grass Powder and clean water.

How Much Oat Grass to consume daily?


Consuming 5 to 20 grams of barley Grass a day is great and will give your body and mind what it needs for optimal health and mental wellbeing. Not to mention boost your immune system, balance your blood sugar levels and give you boundless energy and mental clarity!


When and How to consume Oat Grass?


Include it into your morning routine when you wake up. Mix it in 250ml of water. If you need a pick me up in the afternoon, consume another serve to get that mood and energy flowing.

Morning greens helps you to hydrate and get your first bowel movement happening quicker. The sooner you have that first number visit to the toilet, the sooner you’ll feel lighter, energised and happier. The better your digestive health and keeping yourself regular the better your quality of life.




Why whole Oat Grass powder?


Fiber is super (greens) important and by keeping it whole, you receive all the benefits this sprouted superfood has to offer and the Fiber needed to help you poop proper everyday. Powdered form all the way.




Sponsored Note: This article was brought to you by 5 Greens. A powder that gives you 100g of Green Leafy Vegetables in every serve. Proven to be the most nutrient-dense Greens Powder on the market with 29 Vitamins, Minerals and 3.9g of Fibre. A true multivitamin from whole sprouted food sources grown right here in Australia. Take 1 scoop when you wake up to begin your morning routine and live the rest of your day with optimal energy, mental clarity, no bloating and will help keep you regular.

Can a Whole Food Super Greens Powder help you?


Your daily Greens in one glass, without the juicing or cleaning.

  • 5 x bioavailable sprouted superfoods in every serve. Grown in Australian nutrient & mineral rich soil.
  • 1 serve = 100g Green Leafy Vegetables. Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals for rapid absorption and cellular food.
  • GMO, Dairy & Gluten Free – Nothing artificial or synthetic. 40 Day Supply.



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Eat, Think & Live Clean.

Kind Regards

Adam Phillips – Founder of Life Grip

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