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  • Why We Choose Australian Gras

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    Grain Fed Cattle Should Eat Grass   Cattle are not designed to be confined in feedlots and fed primarily grains or wheat barley for that matter. They evolved to eat grass – their digestive systems are designed to convert fresh grass to energy needed for cell growth, development, and function. Australian cattle fed and finished […]

    3 Reasons Why Your Keto Diet

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    3 Reasons Why Your Keto Diet Isn’t Working   Keto diets have been getting a lot of press recently, for good reason. When done correctly, eating a low carb diet that’s high in fat and protein can have various positive benefits including weight loss, smoothing out insulin highs and lows, and improving cognitive function. But […]

    Short vs Long Workouts –

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    Short vs Long Workouts – How Small Block Workouts Throughout The Day Are Better! Humans are like water, we’ll generally take the path of least resistance – we just want to get to where we are going as quickly and easily as possible. Getting fit, feeling great and boosting your energy levels are no exception. […]