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    Simplifying Life with Marc De Bruin     What we’ll cover in this article and in the podcast.   If you want to change, start with changing your behaviour. The more often you improve your state, the better life seems to be. Find meaning in your life, your career, relationships and you’ll quickly see how […]

    Why We Choose Australian Gras

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    Grain Fed Cattle Should Eat Grass   Cattle are not designed to be confined in feedlots and fed primarily grains or wheat barley for that matter. They evolved to eat grass – their digestive systems are designed to convert fresh grass to energy needed for cell growth, development, and function. Australian cattle fed and finished […]

    3 Reasons Why Your Keto Diet

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    3 Reasons Why Your Keto Diet Isn’t Working   Keto diets have been getting a lot of press recently, for good reason. When done correctly, eating a low carb diet that’s high in fat and protein can have various positive benefits including weight loss, smoothing out insulin highs and lows, and improving cognitive function. But […]