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Life Grip products are the cleanest most trusted supplements on the Australian market today. All of our products are Australian made. We are proud to supply the market with the cleanest Greens Formula and Whey Protein that money can buy.

Our testimonials coupled with our consistent results are proof that our products work every time. Eliminate your cravings, increase your uptake of the cleanest supplements on the market today and you will move closer to your fitness, health and wellbeing goals faster than you ever thought possible.


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Same day dispatch on orders placed before 12pm. Australia Wide Free Shipping.

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Life Grip is a true Australian Made and Owned Company. All products clearly state the percentage.

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Cleanest Greens Formula & Whey Protein money can buy. Proven results and backed by people just like you.


Five GreensPowder

$69.95 RRP – or $64.94 RRP / month

Detox your body, reduce your stress and boost your immunity. Just one serve in the morning and one in the afternoon will increase your energy levels your vitality and mental clarity. Save time and improve your health today.


Australian Grass Fed WheyProtein

From: $76.95 RRP – subscription plans starting at $71.95 RRP / month

Eliminate your cravings and enjoy weight loss the healthy way. Whether your looking to shed a few extra kilos or supplement your protein uptake after a hard workout, Life Grip all natural grass fed protein is the number one protein supplement available today. the more you buy – the more you save!

Life Stack

$135.90 RRP – or $129.90 RRP / month

For the ultimate nutrition bundle, grab a Life Stack today. Included is a tub of the cleanest greens powder and the cleanest protein powder available on the Australian market. Improve your nutrition and sharpen your focus with Life Grip.


I have been using Life Grip protein powder for a while now and love the subtle vanilla flavour in my morning smoothies. It doesn’t bloat me or give me headaches like others that I have tried…

Belinda Bird

I had been contemplating whether to buy this protein for a while as I don’t eat a lot of meat or dairy and felt I was ‘missing’ something. I was kindly sent Life Grip protein to try as a part of a website competition…


I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to better there health and increase their micronutrients in particular those who are competing, because there is nothing more stressful then not being regular.


Love this product. You can tell so much effort has gone in to producing something so natural which when mixed with a healthy diet, you can feel the results. I also enjoy the effort the owner goes to promote his product…


I have been on life grip supplements for 3 months now. Seriously the best supplement I have ever had. I feel amazing, thinking clearer and just so much more motivation to do what I want during the day. 5 stars from me!


Great clean products from Australia, he will go out of his way to help you on your journey to better health and well being. I recommend these supplements highly as I use them everyday and what this company represents.

From: $76.95 RRP – subscription plans starting at $71.95 RRP / month
$69.95 RRP – or $64.94 RRP / month
Best Seller
$135.90 RRP – or $129.90 RRP / month