What is LIFE GRIP.

We're a supportive community of everyday healthy heroes. From career professionals, mums and dads, students and tradies, all focused on living cleaner, healthier lifestyles.

Through implementing proven daily health principles such as optimised healthy eating and supplementation, active lifestyles, meditation and breathing, we create the lifestyle that underpins our self development.

We seek quality daily emotions and understand its our lifestyle that provides the emotional building blocks for us to feel better about ourselves and lead a better quality of life.

Life Grip provides you with all this to support you on your journey.  

Where it started.

Life Grip began back in 2016 by founder Adam Phillips first bringing the original Australian grass fed whey protein to the market, however, this journey began well before. By living an unhealthy, party hard lifestyle from teenage years to late twenties, Adam spiraled his way into a poor state of wellbeing and mental health, leading to getting sick and losing 12kg in 48 hrs.

From here is where the journey began, turning his health and life around, resulting in the realisation of your ideal life, can only be built upon a clean, healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, leading to clarity of mind and the ability to create a clear vision inline with the true self. 

Why Protein?

Adam's natural lifestyle progression led towards enhancing his wellbeing and healthy performance by testing supplements and their hormonal and neuronal effects on the body and mind.

It was pretty soon he discovered just how unhealthy and empty of nutrition, many of the protein powders were, that are offered in what is supposed to be a 'healthy industry'.

Through ingredient testing, a lot of travel down the east and south coast of Australia (including Tasmania) to meet with local dairy farmers, he started to understand what made a nutrient-dense, natural whey protein that's 'good for you'.

In his pursuit of healthy living, longevity and healthy, life performance, he decided to bring an Australian grass-fed whey protein to the wider Australian market.

The protein you're thinking about purchasing or already have from Life Grip, is the result of the intimate collaboration with small Australian family farms and Life Grip to give you the absolute best, natural, nutrient-dense and delicious Protein Powder offered anywhere today.

You'll not only taste the difference, you'll feel it.

We believe if you’re eating a clean whole food diet & living a clean lifestyle, your supplements should be clean also, natural and in the rawest form possible.

The lifestyle explained.