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Our Product Philosophy


We believe if your customers are eating a clean whole food diet & living a clean lifestyle, their supplements should be clean also, natural and in the rawest form possible.


Our focus is on the customer and their quality of life. By doing so we help you create raving, loyal fans that return for more on a regular basis. We help you create customers for life.


You’ll have a point of difference in the market place. We carefully select our retailers, cafes and juice bars, so you don’t need to worry about market saturation. Partner with us today!

Store Testimonial

We have not had a single unsatisfied customer…

Adam has been amazing to deal with, someone that always takes on feedback and is seriously all about the customer.  Will go above and beyond to make sure we are happy each and every delivery. He has also helped promote our business and has a strong community presence being a hands on owner.

In all honesty, for the entire time we have stocked the LG protein (approx 2yrs) we have not had a single unsatisfied customer.  In most cases, customers that have added protein to their smoothies say it tastes even better.

Customers really like the fact that it is the only Aus made protein on the market.  They also compliment how good it is to be able to get such a clean protein that tastes this good.

You know that when buying and using Life Grip products you are supporting an Australian product that in turn supports you as a customer.  A healthy and clean product that tastes good along with an owner that cares about his product and values customer satisfaction and quality above all else.

Luca, Owner, / Pantry 15

Australian Products that Nourish the Customer from the Inside Out and Satisfies their Tastebuds

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Supplying your customers Life Grip products is more than just profitable, you’re giving yourself a point of difference in the market place.

Our Products are created on the basis of: Your body and mind you have tomorrow will be a result of the lifestyle and nutrition you have today. It makes sense that…


“If you’re eating a clean whole food diet, your supplements need to be clean, natural and in their rawest possible form”


Products created with minimal ingredients, nothing artificial or synthetic. Only wholesome products manufactured as if Mother Nature had her hands in the process herself.

Supplements designed to enhance your lifestyle, quality of life, wellbeing and mental health.

We realise that the true performance of any supplement is keeping mother natures formula in tact, and non-denatured. Allowing the necessary natural co-enzymes, co-factors and natural nutrients to work in harmony, well…….just like mother nature intended.

Life Grip was built on a mission statement so be confident in knowing you’re apart of a bigger purpose.


Improve Mental Health and Prevent Disease, through Nutrition, Meditation & Active Lifestyles


Here’s what you’ll enjoy as an approved retailer (our partner):


Sales Support:

If you have any issues around your order, need something specific organised, just give us a call and we’ll make it happen.


Special Product Pricing Structure:

You’re rewarded for the more products you sell. The higher the order qty per order, you’ll receive benefits in cheaper pricing.


Customer Support:

We have a vast amount of knowledge in this space and can answer all questions related to our supplements.


Dedicated Wholesale Portal Online:

This makes stock ordering a piece of cake for you. You’ll be able to create orders 24/7.


Marketing Material:

Full access to all of Life Grip marketing assets. Easily promote products and educate your customers.


Online and Advanced Retailers:

We know you’ll require specialised product ordering workflows. That’s why Life Grip has set up capabilities to communicate with your own systems, providing a complete automatic process. Enquire today.