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    Stress Is Where The Growth Is

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    How Important Is Stress For You?   Without Stress we can’t grow, but too much of it and we feel our walls are closing in. Rather than every time you’re stressed you feel that it’s a negative situation, just know that it’s the perception you give to it. It isn’t always bad, you need stress. You can […]

    Short vs Long Workouts –

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    Short vs Long Workouts – How Small Block Workouts Throughout The Day Are Better! Humans are like water, we’ll generally take the path of least resistance – we just want to get to where we are going as quickly and easily as possible. Getting fit, feeling great and boosting your energy levels are no exception. […]

    Strength Training for Women:

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    Strength Training and Why it should be apart of your Lifestyle   Lots of women want to look toned and curvy and there’s no reason why you can’t reach that goal, too. Unfortunately, too many women are afraid of lifting weights, and that’s too bad, because adding weights into your workout regime is a great […]