Finally, I found my protein, my fitness and my ideal lifestyle. It all just fits together…

Once upon a time, I was living an unsustainable lifestyle due to too much partying (and everything that goes with it), poor diet and on top, I was still trying to workout, keep fit and in shape.

At the time, I wanted the best of both worlds. Party hard and keep in shape… It took some time to realise, however, finally it made sense I needed to clean my lifestyle.

I’m sure many of you have been in a similar situation or maybe are in one at the time of reading this. Without a doubt, cleaning up my lifestyle was the best decision I have ever made.

So, what changed?

Look, I believe we all have times when we know we’re pushing the limits in the wrong direction and we keep pushing these a little further until something gives. It's human nature I suppose, to see how much further we can go before we need to make a positive change.

Draw things out a little longer…

For me personally, these moments were becoming more frequent, I could see there’s a limit and I could see where I could possibly end up.

I made the decision to live healthier, forever…

Hands down, the best decision I have ever made is choosing to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Do you feel any different?

Yes. Waking up with a clean body and mind feels better. I have energy when I wake up, I have energy throughout the day and I have the energy to pursue an active lifestyle. I’m active in the areas, sports and disciplines I love to do, and doing them in the environments I love to be in.

Reason #1: Waking up with a clean body and mind feels better.

How do you feel different?

I didn’t know it in my earlier years, however, I could feel a massive difference in how calm I was than before. I am much more at ease and calmer than previously.

Reason #2: Bring more calm into your life.

Tell us more about how you feel?

Well, I felt a lot better, I was happier than before and had more personal drive than ever before. In the beginning, I couldn't really understand what was happening, all I knew was that this life is much more fulfilling than the one I was living previously.

However, over time I began to understand more about what was going on and how the lifestyle you live dramatically impacts your emotions. Furthermore, I read some of Demartin’si (Dr John Demartini) literature and came across something he mentioned, how the quality of your life is based on the quality of your emotions you experience on a daily basis. I don’t know if he was the first person to say this, but that made more sense to me regarding why I was generally happier.

Reason #3: Experience higher quality emotions on a daily basis.

How have you developed as a person?

The truth is, the previous lifestyle kept me in a place where at best, very slow personal development was possible. The partying, poor diet and stress ran me down, suppressed my immune system and fogged up my brain.

I just couldn’t see the world for what it really is and myself for who I truly am…

There’s a massive force pushing against your development while living a poor lifestyle. Once I started to clean it up, this force started to dissipate.

Reason #4: Accelerated Self-Development.

Is the lifestyle easy to maintain?

Once I made the decision to change, what I reached for and turned to each day changed as well. I guess it's the mindset of having the courage to make a bold decision for yourself by understanding you’re worth it. Everyone is deserving of living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

The things I’d now reach for and turn to started to form into daily habits and then over time the lifestyle formed around me. I knew I wanted to feel better on a daily basis and what I reached for and turned to has consequences. So I began aligning these with the lifestyle I knew made me feel better.

Aligning your daily habits with what you want and the higher standards you have for yourself was a key learning for me.

Reason #5: Raising yourself to a higher standard.

How can other people start?

The easiest way to start is by implementing one simple healthy habit each morning. I tell people to begin this one simple healthy daily habit as soon as they wake up.

Drink a glass of water.

It is so simple to do. Wake up and drink a glass of water.

You feel better and it begins to push out the toxins and waste the body has processed during sleep and you feel better for it.

Then what?

Once you start to feel better, you begin to want more of it and this is where life starts to change. From here, you begin to reach for and turn to the things that make you feel better and of course, a lifestyle begins to develop around you.

How can we find out more?

Email us at Life Grip and just add ‘Lifestyle’ in the subject heading to start the personalised discussion around creating a healthier life.


At Life Grip, we’re walking the same path with you. Living cleaner, healthier lifestyles.

Kind Regards


Founder, LIFE GRIP