How much of each type of protein is how much ACTUAL protein?

NOTE: Consuming a variety of healthy protein source is important. Never rely on only protein powder.

As you'll notice, there are mixed RDI's (recommended daily intakes) and serving recommendations for protein types. Various media and professional mediums. will mention different things and it gets confusing knowing where to begin.

Ask yourself how many sources of protein you regularly consume during the week. This will probably be 3 to 5 different types of protein. Start here.

Typical sources of protein are protein powder, eggs, chicken and turkey, beef, fish.

What we will do here is show how much protein is in one scoop of Essential Whey and see how many eggs, how much checkin, beef and fish you'll need to put on your plate for the same amount of protein. 

When using a protein powder, you also need to consume other healthy sources of protein.

Once you know the most common sources of protein you consume, it makes it simple to choose how much is on your plate or in your shakes and smoothies.

It is well studied and researched, an optimal amount of protein per serving is 21 to 28 grams. Essential Whey has 21g of complete, nutrient-rich protein is one scoop.

Below is how many eggs and how much chicken, red meat and fish you need on your plate to get 21g of complete healthy protein.  Seeing this graphic below should make it much easier. If you would like to know amounts for other types of protein, please reach out to me or DM on Instagram @life_grip.

Your daily nutrition can be made simple, especially your protein intake. Choose the most common sources you like, have 2 or 3 servings of these protein sources and add in one or two scoop of Essential Whey to make it even easier, plus its delicious.

Making a smoothie or a protein shake really does make it easier to meet your daily protein requirements. Did I say its a delicious whey to meet your daily protein requirements?

Remember, the lifestyle you live today determines the quality of life you get to live tomorrow. Clean, healthy whole food nutrition and clean supplements are a great way to feel better, improve your emotional wellbeing and create a strong foundation that underpins your own healthy, life performance.

Prioritise nutrient-dense foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources, and ensure adequate protein intake through supplementation when necessary. Whether you're striving to maintain vitality and independence in your later years or simply aiming to live a longer, healthier life, the foundation of good nutrition cannot be underestimated. So, fill your plate, bowl or blender with colourful, nutrient-rich foods, and don't hesitate to add a scoop of Essential Whey protein powder for an extra boost of protein for vitality and meeting your daily protein requirements..

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