Some days are good and some are not so good…

In this video:

  • What you need to trigger, for general wellbeing and happiness. 
  • The 3 things, when part of your lifestyle will automate the process.
  • How to never rely on outside motivation to live clean and getting active.

I always wondered why happiness had to be so intermittent. I didn’t expect to be happy and feel good all the time, but surely there was a way to feel better more often than not.

I began to note down what sustainably made me feel good, feel happy and clear.

So without realising it, by implementing the things that worked, doing it more often and fine tuning it all, I was in fact finally creating a lifestyle that made me feel better.

A light bulb went off….

I understood that everything in our life is done for some type of feeling. That feeling is just an emotional state, built out of chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters.

It was my body and mind creating a certain type of formula, that in turn created an emotional state and the ones I enjoyed most were the ones I’d seem to want to be in more often.

In order for me to be in that certain emotional state, all that was required from me, was to trigger it.

I would put myself in the same environment, I’d get active in a similar way or consume the nutrition that triggered that emotional state previously.

What followed were the building blocks of my own, ultimate clean lifestyle that makes me feel better at scale as time goes on.

Best of all, it was simple….

I knew I needed to share this and help others feel these positive effects more often. I was certain that helping others live a clean lifestyle would improve their quality of life and optimise longevity.

Eat, Think & Live Clean