Before we start I just want to make 1 point here that will begin this article off very well. Saying you don’t want a Protein Powder because it’s going to bulk you up, is like saying;

“I’m going to stop eating Chicken, Fish and Turkey because I don’t want to bulk up”

It's important to view Protein Powder as another Protein Source. Chicken, fish, eggs, turkey are all protein sources. Looking at it this way, ensures you choose yours carefully, a clean source, it’s natural and is going to increase your health and wellbeing. Protein powder is protein.

Protein powder is not only for body builders. 

Just from consuming a protein powder, will not cause you to gain weight and muscle mass. You need to train for that.

While it’s true that bodybuilders benefit from using a protein powder to repair torn muscle tissue (muscle protein synthesis), but simply consuming protein powder will not cause your muscles to grow. This takes training and clean eating, with clean protein powder.

To bulk up muscle you need to train hard, lift heavy weights, working hard enough to break and tear muscle tissue. 

It’s the process of healing and repairing that makes muscles bigger. Yes, protein is necessary to facilitate that process, but on its own, protein does not build mass. So don’t worry, if your goal is to maintain lean muscle mass, you’re in good hands. It’s the training and the protein supplementation, not just the supplementation.

A few common myths about protein powder.

Myth #1: Protein Powder will make me look bulky.

The idea that adding a protein supplement to your diet will lead to weight gain and bulking up is a worry for some, especially women. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Protein is necessary to keep muscles strong and functioning properly. If you are trying to lose weight, reducing your protein intake is not the best way to accomplish your goal. In fact, increasing the amount of protein you eat will help you protect muscle loss. Avoiding empty calories from high sugar foods and heavily processed carbs is a much healthier strategy than restricting protein intake. 

A protein powder is an efficient, low calorie way to get the protein your body needs to stay healthy and strong. Grass Fed Whey Supplementation can be a great way to help you along the process. To increase strength and muscle size it’s the training combined with the supplementation that will give you a desired outcome.

Myth #2: Too Much Protein Strains Your Kidneys

If you have a kidney condition, you should always consult your doctor to understand the best foods and supplements to consume. 

If you don’t, there's no need to worry about adding protein powder to your diet. Be sure to consume plenty of fluids (both protein and exercise can contribute to dehydration) and your kidneys will have no trouble handling any increase in protein consumption. 

Too much of anything you put in your body won’t only strain your kidneys, it will strain other organs and all bodily systems. 

Myth #3: It’s Hard to Get Enough High Quality Protein 

No. When you're prepared, getting enough protein is easy. Having pre cooked sources of protein on hand to make meal prep easier.

It takes time to cook, but it’s super simple to make a rich protein smoothie. You want at least 21g of protein in your servings and up to 28g. 

A protein powder should be clean and it needs to be grass fed. Grass fed whey protein means the protein powder is derived from the nutrient-dense milk of grass fed dairy cows. GMO and hormone free, living in a stress free environment.

Myth #4: Grain Fed or Grass Fed is not important

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re reading this article, on this site, I know you’re someone who researches and puts health in the top of priorities. 

Grain Fed and Grass Fed is very different and it's important to understand why. 

Cows are not designed to eat grain, which is what most cattle are fed day in, day out. This is a poor source of nutrition. To offset this, antibiotics are injected into the cattle to fight disease and illness. These cattle are also usually pumped with hormones. Because whey protein is derived from cows milk, these antibiotics and hormones end up in the milk and then into the whey protein you buy. Far from ideal.

Grass fed cows on the other hand, this is ideal. Roaming the pastures, eating their natural nutrition source, grass. They are stress free, healthy cows (no need for antibiotics or hormones). The milk produced is nutrient-dense just the way mother nature intended. The whey protein is then derived from that grass fed milk.

Interesting Study on Whey Protein and Diabetes

A study completed on patients with type 2 diabetes found that consuming whey protein powder before breakfast augmented a gut hormone called GLP-1 which stimulates insulin secretion. Resulting in enhancing the insulin response after breakfast to significantly lower blood glucose.

Prof. Jakubowicz: We expected that Whey protein via bioactive peptides will increase GLP-1 and insulin secretion reducing the glucose elevation after meal. 

However we did not expect that the magnitude of post-meal blood glucose reduction following ingestion of whey protein, will be comparable or even greater to the glucose lowering effect observed with the classical anti-diabetic pharmaceutical interventions.

Whey protein may, therefore, represent a novel approach for enhancing glucose-lowering strategies in type 2 diabetes.

Whey protein will result in an improvement of HbA1c, and might be a new therapeutic approach for type 2 diabetic patients.

This is not to say consuming whey protein is going to be a substitute for any medication or guidelines from doctors and specialists. What it does do is trigger a person living with diabetes to investigate further, ask more questions and try and find the best group of solutions to manage and work towards better health.

Mother nature has done all the hard work for us and it’s our job to retain that perfect formula. Check your labels when buying any food or supplement product.

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Your source of protein, where it comes from and how it is made should be of importance to you. The body and mind you have today is a result of what you ate yesterday. So take care of yourself. 

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Try a smoothie a day in your current lifestyle and see how you feel. Just one scoop helps you meet your daily protein requirements. Add some healthy carbohydrates like fruit and some healthy fats in with your serve of protein. 

We have smoothie recipes available for you. It is important to always have protein, carbs and fats in every smoothie. Try things like chia seeds, peanut butter, avocado, coconut oil, cashews, almonds, walnuts or almond butter. If you want it extra creamy, try adding some greek yogurt or avocado. Enjoy :)

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Living stronger, cleaner lifestyles.

Eat, Think & Live Clean.

Kind Regards