Resistance Bands - I turned my rear fence into a Cable Fly Machine.    

You’ll see I have a couple of different colours/resistance/weight/loads/kg.

You don’t need much, resistance bands are pretty cheap. The 2 x loads I have are 7.5kg and 12.5kg.

What you’ll need:

- Resistance Bands (2 x different resistances).

- Umm a Fence! 

- 2 x Handles to click onto your bands.

Note: just like an adjustable Cable Fly Machine, you can also raise and lower your anchor point positions the bands are attached to. Higher or Lower.

Yes, you don’t need much resistance. Especially if you’re priming the muscles before the workout, you can easily make a small load or even your body weight work for you.




Vitamin D:

If you can, hit a short workout under the morning sun or late afternoon while the sun is going down.

4 Ways to increase or decrease workout intensity:

Either increase or decrease any of the below.

# 1 Total Workout Time

# 2 Amount of Reps

# 3 Amount of Sets

# 4 Rest Time Between Sets

Now I’d like to let you know a massive additional point here that can greatly impact the type of workout you have.

# 5 Time Under Tension

A normal rep, say for example is 1 sec up, 1 sec down.

Take 10 x Body Weight Squats for example.

1 sec reps - you could do 10 x reps fairly easy.

3 sec reps - you’ll feel this a little harder.

5 sec reps - this is going to burn.

Doing 10 x Body Weight Squats - 5 sec down and 5 sec up is going to create a lot of tension and a lot more muscular stress than a 1 sec squat.

Priming The Muscles - before the workout

A lighter resistance band chest workout is going to be a lot harder if you do 10 pushups before starting. Why?

You would have primed the chest and arm muscles with pushups.

So just because you have light weights, light resistance bands or are using your own body weight, there’s a lot of ways you can achieve huge benefits from your workout.

By increasing or decreasing the 5 points above and by priming the muscles before the workout.

If you’d like any assistance knowing how to use your fence and bands or body weight to get a great workout, reach out to me on

We're all on this path together.

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