Quick Solution to make positive. Try Nutrient-dense Smoothies

When you are wanting to make a positive change in your diet, the easiest way to do this in our fast-paced lifestyle is through the implementation of Smoothies into your Nutritional Plan. By the time you have pulled your ingredients out of the fridge, opened up your tub of protein and or greens powder, you are drinking your smoothie in less than a minute.

"If you're eating a clean diet, your supplements should be no different...clean" - Adam Phillips, Founder of Life Grip.

The reason protein smoothies are so effective, especially in the morning is they are easy on your digestive system as all the food has been broken down and ready for maximum absorption. A lot of the times we don't chew our food enough due to our busy lifestyle or just too hungry to wait for a few more chews. Just relax and chew your food properly, the easier it is on your digestive system and the more nutrients you absorb from your food.

There's a saying,

"Drink your food and eat your water"

The more you chew your food, the easier it is for your body to extract maximum nutrient content from the food you eat. Imagine half chewing a whole apple? Harder for your body to digest and takes much more energy to extract those nutrients and deliver it to the bloodstream.

Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

Including a serve of protein in your smoothie helps you balance your blood sugar levels. Rather than have all Carbohydrates (fruit, oats etc) and spiking your Insulin, add in a serve of Protein to assist in balancing out your blood sugar levels.

It is great to eat clean but if you're having Insulin spikes, blood sugar crashes after consuming too many carbohydrates in the one meal, you're not getting all the benefits and you're feeling fatigued, increasing cravings and storing body fat.

Eating clean and producing energy low's is not the result you want. You want to eat clean and increase your energy from the foods you eat and you do this by balancing your blood sugar levels with an optimum Protein to Carbohydrate Ratio. Hence why you include a serving of Protein in your smoothies.

Post workout, your body and mind are in a stressed state, along with your digestive system. You need protein after your workout, but chewing on a big piece of steak or chicken may not be the best option. You need something that is easy for your body to digest so the protein you consume can get to work quickly.

This is why you have a Protein Smoothie post workout. It is much easier for your body to metabolise a serving of Protein Powder than a large piece of Steak or Chicken.

You are what you Eat

Your Muscles, Skin, Hair, Nails, Organs and the list goes on is made up of Proteins, this is why the old saying 'you are what you eat' is true. Eat poor quality food, and you then get a print out of that food which is the body you reside in. So makes sense to eat clean nutritious foods right? This is why if you're supplementing your diet with Protein, Vitamins, Greens Powders etc, these need to be the cleanest on the market, just like your clean whole foods you're buying.

Eat poor quality food, and you then get a print out of that food which is the body you reside in.

Eat Clean and your body changes, your mind thinks better, you handle stress and challenges better and are more driven and motivated as your energy levels have increased along with your mental clarity.

Share your experience with changes in your diet, I would love to hear!

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Eat, Think & Live Clean.

Kind Regards

Adam Phillips – Founder, Life Grip