The best part about a morning routine is it's the beginning of a healthier life.

However, constructing one can be confusing, although it does not have to be.

In fact, a personalised morning routine can be created into four simple parts.

  1. Hydration
  2. Breathing Exercise
  3. Active Lifestyle
  4. Meditation

To make it even easier, these four can be completed in any order that suits you on the day..

I do, however, make a point of beginning the routine with ‘Hydration’.

1. Hydration

The simple step of drinking a glass of water is the catalyst of a healthier day. It is simple to do and is the force required to push the toxins (collected during the night's sleep) along for excretion.

Early excretion in the morning sets the day up better. More regular means more energy.

2. Breathing Exercise

Why do a breathing exercise in the morning? I’ll get straight to the point here, it’s because you feel better for it. Plain and simple.

What breathing exercise? There’s different exercises to do. If you look at the link below, you’ll see a full breathing routine.

There are breathing exercises that relax or energise you. There’s exercises that increase your lung volume, strengthen your diaphragm (breathing muscle) and even exercises that release loads of nitric oxide into your bloodstream.

Choose a few and begin practicing them so you can pick one each morning to include into your routine.

3. Active Lifestyle

Well hey, getting active early in the day keeps your brain functioning well (due to BDNF), blood flow and the countless benefits from moving your body.

Getting active early also helps you to keep regular and have a bowel movement early in the day. Early bowel movements ensure you’re feeling better the rest of your day and you’ll be amazed at what it does to your energy levels.

What can I do? Choose the active things you love to do and do them. Whatever they may be. It is about homan movement more than anything.

  • Running, Walking, Hiking
  • Swimming, Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Cycling, Mountain Biking, Spin class
  • Mobility Routine, Yoga, Stretching
  • Group fitness class, Crossfit

This is all about you. Don’t worry what others think is good for you, do what it is you’re motivated to do that day as it builds consistency.

4. Meditation and/or Relaxation

I highly recommend meditation in the morning. Lately, I have personally been choosing to Meditate before getting active. I meditate after hydrating and consuming a freshly brewed green tea, early in the morning.

What type of Meditation? I choose Vipassana Meditation.

Why? I have found this is what works for me and is much more than relaxation. The daily practice helps to bring up anything concerning me I did not understand was there, patiently work through and leave space available for a calmer, sharper mind moving forward.

A morning routine does not need to be complicated. Use this four part template to build your own. If you’re having trouble creating your own, please write to us.

Email us at Life Grip and just add ‘Morning Routine’ in the subject heading to start the personalised discussion around creating a personalised morning routine.


At Life Grip, we’re walking the same path with you. Living cleaner, healthier lifestyles.

Kind Regards


Founder, LIFE GRIP