What no body talks about, but is probably the most important section to cover.

Transitioning to a cleaner lifestyle? Or maybe your lifestyle is not so bad but you're thinking you can always improve and make some healthier more sustainable changes.

We're all a work in progress and I'm no different, I'm on the journey with you.

But this comes at a cost which presents itself shortly into your journey. We're trying to move from an unhealthy lifestyle into one that's more than likely a 180 degree change in comparison to how you have been living. This is serious change and things bubble up you may not be ready for. 

These were not dealt with previously because in many cases stimulants were keeping your head above the turbulent waters. But that is ok, because it is right where we need to be to come out the other side stronger, cleaner, wiser.

How we manage ourselves during time of challenge, stress and duress matters. In these times, what we reach for can easily create habits. Escaping mentally from a situation. The stimulant worked last time, it will work again and again and again. We now have a habit.

Throughout life as we grow up, we're presented with loads of stimulants from TV, sweets, alcohol, drugs, coffee, social media and unhealthy foods, the list goes on. The first time we experience any of these things, we begin to feel good, we get dopamine and other hormonal and neuronal changes in the body/mind and we automatically want to experience these things again and again. For reasons that they simply feel good, or they allow us to escape or be distracted from the situation we don't want to be in that moment.

2 things can happen from here:

  1. Addiction to that stimulant occurs
  2. Reliance on that stimulant occurs

"In the absence of stimulants, the real work begins" 

Both cases are becoming reliant on that stimulant to feel and/or live your life a certain way. When stress, challenge and duress appears, an automatic need arises for those stimulants to change your emotional state and/or remove you from that situation or make it easier to endure.

There is nothing wrong with stimulants, but it's when you rely on them, that's only creating an additional layer of complexity to your life. Now at some point you'll need to overcome as effects of stimulants wear off (or you choose a more intense stimulant). 

Practice 'detachment'.

It's important to remove the attachment to our stimulants we rely on. By practicing 'detachment'. This not only applies to stimulants but many things in order to live a life that accommodates change. Change is inevitable. things come and go. But when living a life, reliant on things, stimulants etc, the moment these are 'no more', we're emotional.

"A balanced perspective prepares you for future obstacles" 

Making a huge lifestyle change involves giving up/reducing the reliance on the stimulants previously accumulated. Once removed, you now have an issue. Where do you turn? What do you reach for? How do you deal with it?

There's no stimulant to turn to now. This immediately places you immersed in the issue that's presented itself. Whereas previously the stimulant would have provided the escape and/or change in emotional state. Getting through this time is absolutely paramount to your own self development and permanent positive change. This is where the growth is.

"The lifestyle you have today, determines the quality of life you have tomorrow"


On the other side, you're a better person because if it. You learn more about yourself , the root causes of the previous lifestyle and allow this new level of self confidence and courage to leak into other areas of your life.

It's important to have the correct support from people who understand what it takes to create a total lifestyle change. Although the work and effort comes from yourself, it does make it easier when people understand it takes work and busting down barriers.

Here are the benefits of total lifestyle change;

  • Improved mental health
  • Increased confidence and self worth
  • Increased quality of emotions
  • Reduced stress
  • A sense of calmness through daily life
  • More energy that's stable throughout the day
  • Increased focus
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Better quality sleep
  • Better recovery

It's about making this sustainable and doing it the right way for you. Take the time, immerse yourself in all aspects of the journey and accept the inevitable challenges and needed change that will occur. The balanced perspective will ensure this and prevent you from giving up when it gets tough. Because when you're about to give up, this is where the most growth is. It is just where you need to be.

Life Grip is a company that is walking the same path with you.

Living stronger, cleaner lifestyles.

Eat, Think & Live Clean.

Kind Regards

Adam Phillips