Weight loss without the cravings.

Create a sustainable diet to maintain that body that you want. In order to have a diet that you can follow for the rest of your life, it needs to tick these boxes.

In needs;

  • adapted to you, finger print specific
  • eliminate food cravings
  • calorie restriction without hunger
  • balance your blood sugar levels
  • maintenance of a healthy body weight
  • provide the necessary nutrients, micronutrient and fibre your body needs
  • use body fat for fuel

This sounds like a lot to tick off, but there is a simple process to it and once you’re up and running, things begin to become very simple and apart of your daily lifestyle (not much effort).

Your body is built and designed to thrive on eating certain foods. Healthy eating is about optimising food types right for you. Not only will your body respond better to your own super foods, you will be optimising your hormonal response. I use the term super foods in regards to the foods you metabolise well and feel the best from which will be different from person to person.

Eat to optimise your hormonal response.

To lose weight it’s not enough to just rely on weight loss shakes. Relying on having a weight loss shake a few times a day, really isn’t sustainable. You’ll need to go back to a real way of eating once you hit your goal weight. So why not optimise your eating behaviour now and create that sustainable lifestyle. Although a weight loss shake with protein can help get your wheels turning, which is awesome, you’ll need to sort out what is going to happen after.

When you get it right, all the pain and struggle goes away.

First of all many people look for ways to skip meals, eliminate hunger and usually go for the things which produce the quickest results. Actually, the quickest thing that eliminates your cravings, increases energy and focus is actually the food you're putting into your body. But all too often people across the globe are chasing down meal replacement solutions to skip a meal, but if they had the right meal it would condition the body correctly and provide the results needed. yes there are good shakes out there but it is how you use them.

This is why we have all 3 Macronutrients in every single meal, snack or smoothie we have. Make the most of the opportunity at meal times to increase your nutrient and micronutrient intake.

The reason people gain weight is from intense cravings.

Remove the cravings and by default, weight loss is more than likely to occur. Eating the right foods, in the right amounts at the right times for you, from clean whole foods, feeds your body in a way that's leaving you light, satisfied and energised.

Leaning towards meal replacement products is only going to intensify cravings, especially if the meal replacement product is not from clean sources and has artificial ingredients and multiple types of sugars. This is not going to help anyone.

Constant food cravings sometimes lead to food addiction or even a binge eating disorder. Similar to drug addiction you don’t want this in your daily life as I’m sure you have better things to be worrying about than struggling with cravings or a food addiction.

Nothing worse than battling weight gain and trying to do excessive physical activity and still never reaching a healthy weight. You can make your own weight loss shake in Australia by combining a few key ingredients to balance your blood sugar levels. Head over to this article here to check it out.

Reducing the intensity of Cravings to a manageable level.

Once Food Types, Food Amounts and Meal Timing has been optimised, craving intensity is reduced. Once this happens you're going to make a lot of progress as you won't feel the need to reach for the foods you know were wrong previously. Your brain is receiving what it needs, your body is being nourished correctly with clean whole foods and now you’re feeling better and better. All by sticking to a clean whole food diet.

The best place to start is with the clean whole foods you already love to eat. Be aware of how you feel after each meal and if you're not feeling light satisfied and energised, then it could usually be 1, 2 or all of 3 things;

  1. Food Types
  2. Food Amounts
  3. Meal Timing

Whenever you eat, focus on how you feel after your meal and this will tell you what to look for. If you feel amazing, then you know you have more than likely nailed that meal. Food Types, Food Amounts and Meal Timing were right for you.

Same goes if you're not feeling good, you're tired or you experience cravings for something shortly after, then have a look at those 3 things. Eat to optimise your hormonal response, rather than just trying to eliminate hunger.

"Your Meals should give you energy, not take it away" 

Be careful of food products labeled Low Fat, Reduced Fat or No Fat.

Fat gives food taste, when this is removed the company needs to replace it with sugar to make the product tasty again. There is nothing wrong with fat, you actually need to eat fat to lose fat. Because the Fat is removed and sugar is increased, this will give you a high amount of carbs per serving.

Too many carbs in the one meal can spike Insulin levels which just puts your body into a state of storing fat. This is not what you want if your goal is to sustainably maintain a goal body weight.

Rather than focus on skipping meals, eating low fat products and chewing on fat burning tablets, have a look at what foods you are eating, in what amounts and at what times of the day.

“It's not about what meals you skip, but all about what meals you eat”



Food amounts are key here, but you need to understand we are more so looking at food type amounts rather than calories. Counting calories gets confusing and you are always checking labels and this is another reason many diets fail as its just too difficult to sustain. Too much work.

There is no supplement on the market, no nootropic on the market that you're going to feel better from, that a steady supply glucose to the brain will feel over a prolonged period of time.

Having the right food amounts in regards to your Protein to Carbohydrate Ratio is paramount to balancing your blood sugar levels. We also need an amount of good healthy fats into the meal. The key is to ensure we are having protein, carbs and fats in every meal and snack we eat. If you’re unsure of how to identify your macronutrients, check out this article here.

Meal timing can greatly affect how you feel from the meals you eat. Imagine optimising food types, food amounts and meal timing?

Just moving Meal 1 either 30 minutes forward or 30 minutes earlier than usual, can affect how you feel after that meal. It can mean the difference between feeling light, more energy and mental clarity or if not optimised can mean just a mediocre result. You want to feel how your body and mind should be feeling, not just getting 50% out of your body and minds capability, you’ll want closer to 100% as you can right?

We all need to be thinking about meals as a means to feel better, get healthier and become a better version of ourselves than who we were yesterday. It’s not enough to just think of meals as a means to fill our stomach or add some calories because we need it.

Optimise your hormonal response from every meal.

Doing this you’ll begin feeling better and better and you become more aware of how you feel after every meal you eat, so it becomes easier to optimise your meals each day.

So if you felt amazing from meal 1 yesterday, chances are if you done something similar today you’ll be replicating that hormonal effect again today wouldn’t you?

There’s meals you'll feel amazing from and meals you feel average from, so let’s learn what is working each day and eliminate what isn’t so we progress much quicker to a healthier you and struggle free maintenance of a healthy body weight.

It sucks to see millions of people in the world, across the nation that are struggling on a roller-coaster ride of up and down cravings, up and down energy levels. Struggling with brain fog, cravings that are so intense, they give into it. Ever found yourself looking for a vending machine? Or the need to drive down the shops to grab some chocolate or junk food?

It doesn't need to happen like that. If you’re following a diet and that diet is not placing a focus on optimising your food types, your food amounts and your meal timing, then you’re following the wrong diet. Many people go on a diet to lose weight, need to go back to a sustainable way of eating again and struggle. Your weight loss diet should be a diet you can sustain for the rest of your life without cravings or hunger and very simple to understand.

Body fat for fuel?

Yes. Once you balance blood sugar levels, you will be using body fat for fuel. This makes sense as 1 gram of fat has twice the amount of calories as 1 gram of carbohydrates. Why wouldn’t you do this? Plus you reduce your visceral fat, which is the fat you don’t want increases amounts of.

Finding a sustainable way is key here. The word diet comes from the Greek language and actually means ‘way of life’. Your diet is your lifestyle, only part of it is nutrition.

Eat to optimise your hormonal response. We’re all looking for that next level feeling, that next level of mental clarity so lets supply steady supply of glucose to the brain and within two weeks things really start to kick into gear!

I tell you now there is no supplement on the market, no nootropic on the market that you're going to feel better from, that a steady supply glucose to the brain will feel over a prolonged period of time. This is a long term goal to reach your health and wellbeing goals and become the best version of you.

Try these things and you'll be on your way to sustainably creating a diet that works for you;

  1. Be aware of how you feel after every meal.
  2. Focus on and optimise Food Types, Food Amounts, Meal Timing.
  3. Stop eating Low Fat labeled products for the sake of losing weight.
  4. Focus on your Protein to Carbohydrate Ratio.
  5. Consume Good Healthy Fats.
  6. Most of all, eat all 3 Macronutrients in every single meal, snack, and smoothie.

Life's better with balanced blood sugar levels.

Implementing an Eat, Think & Live Clean strategy to your lifestyle is amazing. Eat right, Meditate and Move your Body, do this and you're ahead of the game and fine tune things as you move on. 

But get the fundamentals right first with a stronger, cleaner lifestyle.


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Eat, Think & Live Clean.

Kind Regards

Adam Phillips – Founder of Life Grip