There is only 1 perfect diet for you and that's yours!

Huge question! Even harder to get an answer, especially when you google healthy eating, diet or the best diet to follow, you get around 20,000,000 links to choose from. How can anyone with no experience in nutrition and diet ever come to a point where they can find the right way to eat. Truth is, there is no one perfect way to eat for everyone, there is no perfect diet out there. Reason being is everyone has a different hormonal response from food and everyone metabolises food types differently.

Different people respond differently to different food types.

The way you respond to eating sweet potato will be completely different to how your friend's response will be. You can even then go into the amount of that food, this example is sweet potato, 2 people will have completely different responses to the same amount of food. The 2 people will also metabolise the amount of food differently.

The only perfect diet for you is one that is adapted to you, the way you metabolise foods, your lifestyle, and goals.

All these things need to be taken into account. I will list some things down below that no matter what diet you follow, you will benefit from these points;

  1. Include Green Leafy Vegetables.
  2. Eat all 3 macronutrients in every meal.
  3. Do not overeat in the one sitting.
  4. Become aware of how you feel after your meal.

Include Green Leafy Vegetables:

These are very Micronutrient-dense, meaning they are loaded with Vitamins and Minerals. This plays a major part in increasing your health and wellbeing.

Eat all 3 Macronutrients in every meal:

It is not about cutting any out Protein, Carbohydrates or Fat. Improving your health and wellbeing is about having a moderate amount of each Macronutrient in every meal. Not too much and not too little. Thankfully there is a way to calculate an individual's requirements.

Do not overeat in the one sitting:

The reason we feel tired from overeating is usually from 2 things. 1 is we have a blood sugar drop, decreasing glucose supply to the brain. 2 is that our digestive system takes up most of our energy, so if we have bottlenecked our digestive system with too much food, we are working twice as hard just to move it through our body.

Becoming aware of how you feel after your meal:

This is where anyone can make rapid progress in identifying which foods and amount work best for them. If you feel sluggish from certain foods, stop eating them and see what happens. When you are getting backed up from certain foods, stop eating them and see what happens. But when you notice you're feeling amazing from certain foods, then put them on your list of foods to eat that are right for you. So becoming aware allows you to identify which foods to delete, swap out or keep on your list.

Bottom line is we need to become aware of how we are feeling from the foods we eat and fine tune our own diet!

Weight Loss Meal Plans

It seems to me there are lots of weight loss shakes, weight loss meals and weight loss pills out there that people are not getting any sustainable results with. So what can you do?

Are you really just supposed to get on and off the weight loss, weight management roller coaster all the time by going on these pills and shakes and coming off them all the time?

You shouldn't need to do that at all, there is a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off. But it comes down to identifying what works for you. No matter what diet or system you choose to follow, it needs to work for you and be right for your genetic make up, genotype and metabolic type. It sounds a little complicated but it really isn't. It just means you're making sure you're eating the right food for you, in the right amounts and at the right times.



Because all 3 will determine what sort of hormonal response you'll get from that meal. Learn more by joining the facebook community for free below.

But remember not to complicate things. You're really only just becoming acutely aware of how you feel after each meal or smoothie. Once you have that hormonal response, you can begin to make small adjustments of your food types, your food amounts and your meal timing. 

If you need any assistance or need to ask someone the hard questions, reach out to me at

Eat, Think & Live Clean and your body changes, your mind thinks better, you handle stress and challenges better and are more driven and motivated as your energy levels have increased along with your mental clarity. You now begin to look at other areas of your life and how you can enhance them.


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