The Top Weight Loss Options For You

“I want to lose weight but everything I try doesn’t work for the long term” - says millions of people across the globe.

Here’s 4 strategies to losing weight and keeping it off. You need to find what works for you, so here’s the easiest ways you can choose.

You want to choose one that is going to fit your lifestyle and you enjoy it.

1. Intermittent Fasting


Probably one of the easiest, most effective strategies to implement. All you’re doing is delaying your first meal of the day until as late as possible! This usually means only water up until your first meal. Yes, even coffee and tea can break your fast. Anything that you liver has to metabolise is really breaking your fast.

But hey, if drinking black coffee a couple of times to get you to delay that first meal and make intermittent fasting easier, then go for it! You're still going to gain massive benefits to health and maintaining that physique you are after.

I find this easier to do myself when drinking black coffee throughout the morning. Another great tip to make it easier is sparkling water. I even sometimes add in a small squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Obviously nothing is better, but I still feel the benefits of fasting, even with black coffee and some sparkling water.

I also recommend doing a fasted workout in the morning and this makes you feel amazing once your body and mind start to get used to it. You feel very light and energised, mental clarity through the roof and when you do have your first meal, your insulin response is amazing.


2. Feeding window of 6 to 10 hours

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Ok so this one here is amazing. You can easily choose what time your first meal is going to be and then have your next 1 or 2 meals over the next 6 to 10 hours. What this does is allows you to fine tune your meal amounts and most of all meal timing.

Very quickly you soon realise what feeding time duration window works for you. It gives you structure, a process and some consistency to sustainably maintain a healthy weight, curb cravings and hunger.

Everyones window will be different, depending on a few factors. Lifestyle, work, time available and how the person feels. That is the biggest one is how do you feel?

It should make you feel better, lighter, energised and most of all be easy to implement into your lifestyle.

3. Zone Diet

Now, I can tell you if you don’t mind meal prepping, then you’ll more than likely get the most from the Zone Diet. This is calorie restriction, without hunger or cravings, with a moderate amount of Protein, Carbs and Fats.

It gives you a systematic approach to your own personalised, finger print specific nutrition plan for the long term. Yes forever.

I personally follow a Zone way of eating and get the best benefits from food eating this way. Everyone is different and you need to find what is right for you. But combining a Zone blueprint along with eating the right food types for your genetic type is nothing short of amazing when things begin to kick in.

Outstanding results can be experienced within a few short days but really kick into gear with amazing mental clarity around the 2 week mark when done right. I chose to study this field after experiencing how it progressed my quality of life and mental health. I am a huge believer in this way of eating and when combined with an Active Lifestyle and Meditation, life really does get better.

4. Keto Diet


Usually this diet is around 70-80% of your calories from Fat, a small amount of Protein and around 20g to 40g of Carbohydrates a day. Your brain either feeds off of Glycogen (glucose) or Ketones and your liver releases either into the blood stream.

You can choose which fuel supply you want by adjusting the amount of macronutrients you put into your body. For your liver to produce ketones, it needs to be depleted of glycogen which you can do simply by not enough many carbs (reducing your amount of glucose in your body). It is said the sweet spot is somewhere between 20g to 40g of carbs a day and over the course of a few weeks you can move towards a state of ketosis.

There is more to it than this, but if you're interested I would seek out someone to guide you through the process so you do it right the first time. Your diet you choose to follow should be health promoting and you can easily do the wrong thing following a Keto Diet, but having the right guidance the rewards can be amazing.


Ok so which is the best for you? Well there is one question you need to ask yourself. Do you feel good and is the way of eating you follow something you enjoy?

It needs to be something that fits in with your lifestyle, it is delicious and you are healthy, free from illness and it really is increasing the quality of your life.

What many don't realize is any diet really needs to be adapted to the individual as everyones genetic make up is different. Our hormonal response to food is different to anyone else on the planet which is why your diet needs to be fingerprint specific.

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Eat, Think & Live Clean


Kind Regards

Adam Phillips – Founder of Life Grip