How Important Is Growth To You?

Let's explore how you get from where you are now, to where you want to be in the future. Because we've all got this gap, we all want to understand and know the reasons behind and how to's in order to close that gap. The gap from where we are now to where we want to be in the future. Let's explore the two things that are standing in your way to get to where you want to be and realise your ultimate dream, your ultimate vision, your end in mind, and create that beautiful life yourself. Let's go ahead and explore those two things.

Okay, so we've all got this place where we are now and this place where we want to get to be in the future, and in between we call that our gap. This is actually where all the growth is, this is where all the magic happens, to get from where we are now to where we want to be in the future. For you to successfully close your gap, I urge you to watch this video below.

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Being Happy In The Now

But before we move forward, I need to discuss one important thing, something that's even more so important than that 'end in mind', that ultimate vision, that ultimate goal that we want to get too. And that's being happy, content and satisfied in the now, in what we have in this moment. And not expecting the now to be any different than what it currently is. Comparing our now to what we maybe want to be in the future, all we're doing is putting ourselves in that  comparison of the now to the future, leading ourselves into a downward spiral. This is where we get our bad days and negative thought patterns happen and those negative thought patterns end up turning into negative behaviours, actions, and decisions. And eventually a negative outlook and situation on your current life.

Two things; Subconscious and Fears

One, is the subconscious mind and two, is our fears. Usually in regards to our fears to something standing in our way and deep down we know that there's something there that we need to face, and we need to overcome. If it wasn't there, if it was removed, than we would be able to get to this place much, much easier.

Our subconscious mind is really dictating everything in our life. It's dictating 90% of our decisions, our behaviours, the actions that we take, our outlook on the world, our perceptions on things, how we handle challenges, how we approached challenges.

It determines our personal values and our outlook on the world. Now, that is created through the situations that we've been through from when we were born, up until this present moment. The environments we have been in, the situations we faced. But most of all our perceptions on all those things and how we've managed it and whether things are good or bad. But our subconscious and neural network, that map, that blueprint that makes up our subconscious mind is what's going to determine whether we get from where we are now to where we want to be in the future.

Once that's wired and mapped out correctly, you can make that transition into where you are now to where you want to be in the future. With that blueprint because that's actually controlling everything in our life. Our actions, decision making, our outlook, our perceptions on the world. 

So the same inputs, that's wired that subconscious mind, that's created that neural network, the same inputs, environment, situations we've been through, our stress, our challenges and our perception on all those sorts of things. They're the same inputs that we need to start to change in order to change that neural network and set our subconscious mind in order to get to where we want to be.

Your Subconscious Is Controlling You 24/7

So a simple demonstration here. What I always like to think of is, what am I filling my mind with 24/7, 365 and are those things that I'm focusing on, the time and energy and focus that I'm placing in different areas and on different things, is that really what's going to get me closer to where I want to be or not?

And I always try and maximise what I'm doing, what I'm learning, who I'm speaking to. The way I perceive different challenges, and circumstances, and situations throughout my life, is that getting me closer to where I want to be? Am I growing and am I closing that gap from where I am here to where I want to be in the future? So it's all about those inputs. And if we can optimise and maximise those inputs to create the neural network that creates the subconscious mind that's dictating 90% of what we do and our chances and probability of getting to this end in mind anyway... Then this is what we need to be be doing.

Choose To Live A Clean Lifestyle

Choose clean living. Choose a clean lifestyle. Choose healthy meals. Choose good clean water. Choose an active lifestyle. Choose to identify your personal values and identify what's actually like, what you're passionate about, where you want to go. 

Until you start to pour this clean life into your subconscious mind, until you start to be this, you won't have this. You need to be this first, and you need to pull that into your subconscious mind and eventually that subconscious mind will start to create the decisions, the actions, the behaviours, and the attitude that will end up allowing you to realise this end in mind, this ultimate goal. 

Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable anyway. So make the change now. Be comfortable with the change. Most importantly, be happy and content with the now and understand this is exactly where you should be. The positive lifestyle, the clean lifestyle, the active lifestyle, the healthy meals, the meditation, the relaxation, the uncomfortable, the facing your fears, stepping into the uncomfortable, seeking more growth. 

So move forward, pour the right stuff in, make the change now, not later, because you are worthy of receiving.

Eat, Think & Live Clean

Kind Regards

Adam Phillips – Founder of Life Grip