What Happens When You Drink a Smoothie Every Day.

A lot of health journeys have a different starting point. Some people begin running, working out, eating better, they begin yoga, meditation and the list goes on…

Any of these starting points makes the person feel better, usually have more energy and most importantly the person begins feeling those better quality emotions. Those better quality emotions are what keep us coming back for more and if we enjoy the lifestyle, we can sustain it.

We want to feel more of the good stuff (quality emotions).

No matter the starting point, we want this new lifestyle to be one we can sustain for the long term, we want to enjoy it and we want to grow from it. In order for this to happen we need to bring a few areas together into a clean healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Eating.

We want this to be simple, convenient, delicious and know we can sustain it. For this to happen we need to understand a key fundamental point of what goes in every meal and snack. 

Then when we build these meals, we only need to make 3 decisions:

  • What’s the protein?
  • What’s the carbohydrates?
  • What’s the fats?

Those are your macronutrients and all 3 go into every meal and snack. This does not need to be complicated and that’s why I say only 3 decisions. Choose your protein, carbs and fats and that is it. How you dress the meal up with additional herbs, spices and other superfoods is up to you, but that’s the basis of every meal.

Protein Smoothies.

Here’s where it gets even easier. Smoothies are quick and delicious. Choose your protein, carbs and fats, throw it in a blender and you’re drinking a nutrient-dense smoothie within a minute.

I love how simple this solution is, but most of all I love how I feel after a smoothie. At what time in the day you have it is up to you. Breaking your fast, an afternoon meal/snack, post workout or even a quick and easy dinner.

Drinking A Smoothie Every Day and What You Can Expect.

Nourishing yourself daily and/or fuelling your body for optimal recovery is a decision you make for life. 365 days a year, your body is absorbing the micronutrients from every smoothie out of the protein, carbs and fats. This is where it gets interesting.

Because your body needs the macronutrients, but even more so are the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and antioxidants that are absorbed into the bloodstream. This is what we need to understand. That it's important to focus on what we consume and also what we absorb.

Over time with a strong daily habit of everyday healthy smoothies, our body is getting these nutrients needed for optimal health, longevity and the building blocks of quality emotions.

Emotional Building Blocks.

Protein provides building blocks (amino acids) so we rebuild, increase and/or maintain our muscles, tissues, hair, skin and nails. The emotions we experience require building blocks too. Here's where the micronutrients and our amino acids come in.

A clean, lifestyle feels better because we bring it all together. We move our body, we consume the building blocks for optimal health and the building blocks for emotional wellbeing (from the healthy foods in smoothies). We give our body and mind what it needs daily, to feel better daily.

For the clean lifestyle to be sustained it needs to be enjoyable, feel better, convenient, simple and delicious.

Endless Possibilities of Healthy Smoothies.

It really is up to you. There’s questions I answer to myself post smoothie.

  • Does this make me feel good?
  • Was it delicious?
  • Was it convenient?

If I’m answering yes to all 3, I know I can easily sustain it. Therefore it becomes a strong daily habit. Now the possibilities created out of this habit for me, are endless. A daily habit I feel better from, I know I can sustain it, I have more energy and mental clarity, I’m also confident I’m providing the physical and emotional building blocks I need daily for optimal health and emotional wellbeing.

With more energy and mental clarity I can go after the vision I’m drawn to. Any goals, targets or vision anyone wants to step into is underpinned by a clean, healthy lifestyle composed of strong, daily habits.

Smoothies Contribute Towards A Happier You.

The emotional building blocks you feed yourself each day are important. Your mental and emotional wellbeing drives a level of happiness and when the clean lifestyle and our life in general has meaning, we are living well. It all comes together.

Moving your body daily, eating clean and meditating will quickly set up a clean, healthy lifestyle. All 3 will get you feeling better very quickly and the quick results and emotions experienced, tend to bring us back the next day for more of it.

The first day we learn to surf and catch a wave, this emotional experience is what gets us back in the water tomorrow. A great drive shot off the tee, watching the ball fly through the air, and in the middle of the fairway is what brings us back for another round of golf. The emotional experience is something we want more of.

Eating, Thinking and Living Clean.

This is why Life Grip's slogan is Eat, Think & Live Clean. Eating a clean whole food diet, living an active lifestyle and meditating daily provides the physical and emotional building blocks. It also breaks it down into 3 simple areas which can be adapted to anyone.

Choose to live healthy, choose to live a clean lifestyle. There’s one life that’s yours. No-one else's. Create a fingerprint specific lifestyle that's yours to own and you’re inspired to wake up everyday and live.

Smoothies To Blend and Feel Better Today.

A quick note to add in 1 scoop of 5 Greens Powder to any of these smoothies for additional micronutrients.

What’s the Protein?

What’s the Carbs?

  • 1 cup mixed frozen berries
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • 2 tsp oats

What’s the Fats?

  • 2 tsp Coconut Oil
  • 6 x almonds

What can you expect from this smoothie? A rich, creamy, sweet blend of berries with resistant starch to feed the good bacteria in your gut, with a fresh, satiating effect from the coconut oil, almonds and clean Vanilla Life Grip Protein. You're going to feel clean, satiated for hours and the emotional effect will have you standing in front of the blender the very next day.


What’s the Protein?

What’s the Carbs?

  • 1 fresh Banana
  • ⅓ cup Quinoa
  • 1 tsp Honey (optional)
  • 1 handful Spinach leaves

What’s the Fats?

  • 2 tsp Peanut Butter
  • 3 tsp Chia Seeds

What can you expect from this smoothie? The unflavoured Life Grip Protein, together with banana, provides a creamy texture and a sweetness that's ever so light, giving you a delicious, eye opening experience. Spinach provides additional vitamins and minerals. 

Quinoa is full of amino-acids and minerals your body requires for optimal health and the peanut butter (natural) with chia seeds gives your mind the fatty acids needed for long lasting mental clarity you're sure to experience during and post smoothie. This one is an amazing smoothie to break your fast.


What’s the Protein?

What’s the Carbs?

  • 250ml Coconut Water
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • ½ cup Quinoa (optional)

What’s the Fats?

  • 3 tsp Coconut Oil
  • ½ Avocado

What can you expect from this smoothie? A clean chocolate flavour, filled with hydrating electrolytes and healthy fats from the coconut water. The natural sweetener in the coconut water also brings out the best flavours in the blueberries along with liquifying the rich amino-acid profile of the quinoa. 

The coconut oil provide essential fatty acids and mct's to keep you going for longer and the creamy texture of the avocado finishes off the smoothie experience. A great smoothie to feel clean, boost mental clarity and provide a rich profile of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the good healthy fats your brain needs for optimal mental clarity.

Comment and ask questions below. If any of these smoothies do not interest you as much, let us know and we can create a fingerprint specific smoothie just for you :)

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Living a stronger, cleaner lifestyle.

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