What Is Bloating & How To Eliminate It For Good

“I hated living with a bloated stomach after meals. It weighed me down and affected my natural drive, motivation and the quality of my life” - Adam, Life Grip Founder

Don't think you need to live with bloat. I used to think it's just how things are and always will be, but it just isn't the case. I learned my body was only reacting the way it should in reaction to what i was doing to it on a daily basis.

It comes down to right inputs and wrong inputs and i was doing the wrong thing for my body. I started to optimise 3 things and my life changed forever. I optimised my food types, my food amounts and also my meal timing and not only did my energy levels change, I was generally happier.

1. Wrong Food Types

Think of how your fingerprints are a one of a kind, well your genetic make up, your DNA is a one of a kind too.

When you eat, your body has a certain hormonal effect from those food types you put into your body. From hormones, to enzymes to neurotransmitters.

Ever wonder why sometimes you feel amazing from certain meals you eat and others you don't? or you eat some foods and you bloat and others you feel lighter? Well now you know why, it's your genetic makeup.

This is why you need to eat right for your genetic type. I recommend doing a Genotype Test and/or a Food Intolerance and Sensitivity Test. Both of these tests together will give you a very good overview on what food types are better for you and promote health, longevity and prevent illness.

My life changed when I done this. One very simple example is Blood Type A is notorious for having low stomach acid. Could you imagine eating Red Meat 2 or 3 times a day without the higher level of stomach acid required to break it down? Undigested food causes bloating.

2. Eating Too Much Food

Your body can only digest so much food and any larger meals than what your body can handle is only going to result in undigested food.

It will result in food staying in your system for longer periods of time than what is normal.

Food begins to ferment and gas floats back up into the small intestine and your stomach. This is the bloating and discomfort you feel. Try reducing your meal sizes and see what happens. I can assure you your bloating will begin to go down.

3. GUT Bacteria Out Of Balance

You're not only feeding yourself to eliminate hunger, you're feeding your GUT. You need good bacteria and enzymes to digest your food properly and release the micronutrients needed to feed your cells. So feed your GUT and your Cells correctly and your body will react the right way.


Your GUT needs the right enzymes to breakdown your food. Digestive enzymes job is to split up large food molecules into their simplest form we call building blocks. Such as Carbs to Glucose, Protein to Amino Acids and Fat into Fatty Acids. They are what is called 'extracellular' enzymes that combine with food as it passes through your gut. Meaning that these reactions happen outside of the cells lining the gut.

The pancreas sends its digestive juices through the pancreatic duct and into the duodenum. What's worth noting is the huge amount of digestive juices of around 1.2L to 1.5L of this needed pancreatic juice every single day. The body is amazing and has so many systems inside of the system, so eating a clean whole food healthy diet is so important. When one system or part of that system isn't working correctly, the system as a whole cannot work as it should. This pancreatic juice contains water, sodium bicarbonate, your digestive enzymes.Do you need the enzymes from raw foods to propery digest the food you eat? Explore the science behind enzymes at www.CulinaryLore

You need the sodium bicarbonate to protect small intestine from the acids in the stomach and help with maintaining the right pH of 8 to ensure correct functioning of your digestive enzymes.

Naturally you can increase your enzymes by supplement form, but Pineapple, Avocado, Kefir, Sauerkraut and Papaya are great sources of enzymes. Don't forget to eat your Greens! Green Vegetables and Green Leafy Vegetables are key here to be putting the right things into your GUT. It really cannot be underestimated the power of Greens.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Delaying your first meal of the day until as late as possible will reduce your bloating very quickly and there are huge health benefits that go with this.

Drinking black coffee will make it easier to delay that first meal. Massive benefits to health, longevity and maintaining that physique you are after. Sparkling water with a small squeeze of fresh lime juice can make it even easier. I still feel the benefits of fasting, even with black coffee and some sparkling water with Lime Juice.

I highly recommend doing a fasted workout in the morning as this will help relieve a lot of the gas that's built up maybe from the night before. It will allow you to have a bowel movement earlier in the day, the earlier this happens, the lighter and more energised you'll feel quicker that day.

5. Eliminate Soft Drinks From Your Diet

If you have been experiencing bloating and you're regularly drink soft drink, this can cause bloating as often as you drink it. The meals you eat need time to digest and move through your system. This is highly dependant on you chewing your food thoroughly first (digestion begins in the mouth) and you have healthy levels of stomach acid. Your HCL (stomach acid) job is to breakdown your food but when you're filling your stomach with soft drinks, it messes with your HCL levels.

When you have undigested food sitting in your GUT, that food is fermented by your bacteria and that gas floats back up into your small intestine and stomach. This is the commonly known condition of 'Beer Gut'. Many older males with large stomachs and skinny legs have this due to drinking a lot of beer. It is not they are fat or have fat bellies, their bellies are just bloated from the gas created from undigested food.

The main point here is your stomach acid levels are important and what you put into your belly matters. Soft drinks are not good for various reasons but regarding bloating issues, try limit them or cut them out completely.


Diets need to be fingerprint specific, have delicious meals and be free of bloating. By following a few of the points above you'll be on your way to lighter, brighter and more energised you!

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