Stop The Downward Spiralling Mind

One of the key things that I need to talk about is meditation and relaxation.

After meditation you're going to feel a sense of calm, you're going to feel much more relaxed and will be able to focus much better.

Now why is that? It's because you're spending a certain amount of time in the present moment, in the now. Because the now is all there is any way. Time, from my opinion and perspective, is just a chain of consecutive nows. So you've only got the now.

When waking in the morning, what I found is when I've got some stress going on in my life, when I've got some things that I'm thinking about, some things that I haven't handled yet. As I wake up in the morning, if I don't go and do my morning routine and meditate, I begin to start indulging in the downward spiral thoughts, about the stresses, and/or all the things that I haven't handled yet.

One of the reasons that we meditate is to try and get ourselves into that present moment for a certain amount of time on a regular basis.

Now I know if I don't meditate, if I don't do my morning routine, I sometimes can end up putting my mind into a downward spiral because of all these stresses I'm focusing on.

My mind would now be indulging in the stress and building up. Just putting layer on top a layer on top of layer and then if you don't do anything for another day, don't do any sort of meditation or relaxation, then this is what happens. It will happen for consecutive days in a row, then you are going to build up more and more stress.

But what are we doing in between the times that we meditate?

So meditation is one important part of your life, but what are you doing for the other 23 hours of the day?

Some of it is sleep and the other times you're working and doing whatever else, but that's the time that we need to really be conscious of when we are indulging in these distractions. When my mind wanders and it starts to indulge in something that I haven't handled yet, I know if I can't handle in that moment, there is no point placing any focus on it. Otherwise I would only be trying to control the uncontrollable, which is insane but it is very common. Many people focus on things outside of their control. Sometimes it's difficult, but important to make a mental note of these 2 words. "Let Go".

Every time I go and indulge in a stress, I'm really just trying to find a distraction, that's that's all I am really doing. When you want to distract yourself and indulge yourself in a stress, then this is where you'll find yourself reaching for things, which can ultimately turn into addictions. But if you prevent yourself from reaching for these things/distractions, whether it's indulging in a thought or whether you're going to reach for something.

What you're reaching for might be, social media, the TV remote, chocolate cake, soft drink, alcohol or whatever else. But it's that act of reaching for something to distract you, from the now. So as soon as you prevent yourself from reaching for it, now you're coming back to you and your back into the present moment. What you'll find is once you stop reaching for these things you're forcing yourself to come back to yourself. You coming back to the present moment.

You'll end exposing yourself, to yourself and begin to understand the reason for indulging in these distractions. If you cannot be with yourself with nothing around you, without reaching for anything and still be content, happy and satisfied, than this is needs to be experienced more often. One day it will just click, a light bulb will go off and you'll understand more about yourself and the reasons behind addictions and the need for distractions.

Continue exposing yourself to yourself. Stop yourself from reaching for something and do it over and over again until you're forced to be in the moment with only you.

You'll feel the need to check emails, read a text message and every time that happens, just do it again and keep preventing yourself from reaching for those things. Just come back to the present moment. This is how in between the times you meditate, throughout your daily life you can spend more time in that present moment, you don't just have to wait until meditation or relaxation. This really is a practise of self investigation.

If you've got distractions that are bugging you, things outstanding that can't be done today, than focus on it when it needs to be done, not now. Schedule it to be done and when the time comes, place focus on it then.

The energy you have now, is for now, the mental space, the focus you have for now, is for now. Don't waste your energy on things you cannot control, life's too short. The more time spent in the now, brings more fulfilment, more happier moments and you begin to become your true self by default, through this practise of self investigation and exposing yourself to yourself on a regular basis.

If you’re living with a mental illness or poor mental health (if this is what you think about your current state), it can benefit your quality of life by looking at your current lifestyle and see if any positive changes can be made. There are different types and stages of depression, but if you do experience depression and/or anxiety, some lifestyle changes may help you.

When you wake up first thing in the morning this is when it all starts, this is when you need to get on top of it straight away. It's another benefit to the morning routine.

4 Step Morning Routine:

  1. Hydrate: drink water first up as soon as you wake up.
  2. Breathing Exercise: doing your breathing exercise is going get you feeling clean, clearer and energise you.
  3. Active: getting active, go for a walk, a run, do some stretching, yoga or whatever you like.
  4. Meditation: doing your meditation before your day begins sets you up very well. You're calm, focused and energised.

Getting on to your mindset before things start to layer up, before your mind has a chance to wonder and indulge in distractions or negative thoughts. Once you do this, as time goes on you'll find your quality of life is much better. Check out this simple Morning Routine below that only takes 10 minutes.

An optimal morning routine that’s right for you can provide amazing benefits to your overall health, wellbeing and especially your mental health. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety bringing yourself into the now on a regular basis may benefit you. Any changes in your lifestyle is best to see a health professional, a doctor or someone you may already be speaking with.

Would you love to learn how to Meditate? Learn how to meditate, start with our basics of meditation article here.

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