Can Alfalfa help you?

What is Alfalfa?

It is the sprouted food that taps into the earth’s mineral source for us all to reap the amazing health benefits mother nature provides. When harvested and prepared correctly, you’ll receive the gifts of optimal health that this amazing sprout has to offer.

Also known as Alfalfa Medicago Sativa wide array of alfalfa sprouts benefits amaze me everyday. It is one food that, you really do feel the difference.

Alfalfa sprouts are a good source of minerals and have 8 essential amino acids present. Have you really been living without this in your diet?

Is Alfalfa Gluten Free? 

Yes it is gluten free. Never fear, there is no gluten here! Be sure to check your labels that it is packaged in a gluten free facility. If you’re apart of the number of people in the Coeliac Australia group, this is definitely information worth sharing.

What does Alfalfa do for your body?

Alfalfa sprouts benefit the whole body as a system for you to reach and maintain optimal health. Not only is it refreshing, but you feel the difference when adding this into your diet.

May help in lowering blood pressure but more research needs to be done in this area. Like anything, you need to consult with your doctor before changing your diet.

Increases breast milk production, it treats arthritis and helps to get rid of and prevent kidney stones.

What are the types of Alfalfa?

Whatever your preference, you can consume Alfalfa in a variety of ways. Most commonly known for the grown sprouts you’ll add to your salad or on a sandwich. Everyone has a different hormonal response from the food they eat and same for the different way you consume those food types.

Here’s a list below;

  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Alfalfa Powder
  • Alfalfa Capsule
  • Alfalfa Tablet
  • Alfalfa Juice

See what you like and what hormonal effect you get from the different types of prepared Alfalfa sprouts. But hey, are these even right for you? Check and see for yourself as this is really the only way to be sure. You can go to the trouble of having alfalfa sprouts growing in your kitchen, backyard or buy them fresh ready sprouted or in a supplement powdered form.

Alfalfa sprouts benefit your health and make you feel just that little bit better. When you create more healthy habits, bit by bit, it makes up a great healthy lifestyle that improves overtime. This is just one layer you can add to yours.

Low in Carbohydrates and Calories, but rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Folate
  • Thiamin
  • Riboflavin
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus

Here are 5 benefits of Alfalfa

  1. Aid In Weight Loss
  2. May Help Lower Blood Pressure
  3. Balance Blood Sugar Levels
  4. Help Prevent Iron Deficiency
  5. Build Strong Bones

1. Aid In Weight Loss

Rich in fiber and other nutrients this amazing super food can inhibit Ghrelin. This is a hunger hormone, but when Ghrelin is stopped in its tracks, we do not seem to crave food or experience hunger in many cases.

2. May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Research has found Alfalfa to reduce cholesterol in human and animal studies which were conducted. Alfalfa contains Saponins which are glucoside and have this amazing foaming characteristic. The root words here being soap. Imagine being able to scrub your digestive system with soap, leaving it squeaky clean. This process and the fiber helps to reduce cholesterol levels but as always consult with your doctor first. The answer is yes to being apart of the cholesterol lowering food.

3. Balance Blood Sugar Levels

No glycemic load, this sprout will not spike insulin. High in fiber which assists in balancing blood sugar levels. Optimal Health presents itself with sustained balanced blood sugar levels over an extended period of time. Those times when you finish your meal and you feel light, satisfied and energised? This is in many cases due to experiencing the hormonal effects of balanced blood sugar levels.

4. Prevent Iron Deficiency

A lack of Iron can be an experience, you don’t need throughout your daily life. Fatigue sets in, brain fog and really just an all round lack of motivation and drive. It is something you can really do without.

The Iron content in Alfalfa Sprouts may help prevent this from happening. But a great tip here is make sure you’re regularly getting blood tests done. I usually go every year. If you have not been for many years, why not go back and get a full blood work done? Can’t hurt can it? This way you know where you’re at and you’re not running blind.

5. Build Strong Bones

We all want to be strong, fit and healthy. Well when talking about bones, we need to talk about Vitamin K. You’ve heard your mum say you need to drink milk for calcium and do this or that?

Well it doesn’t mean that calcium is going to be put to good use just by drinking it. Vitamin K improves calcium absorption, so without it, your bone health suffers.

But with it and a good intake of calcium, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance for strong healthy bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bone loss.

Learn more here on the benefits of green juices in your daily diet.

How Much Alfalfa to consume each day?

You don’t need much as its a sprouted food, so it’s very micronutrient dense. A small amount can make a huge impact to your state and maintenance of good health. In a powdered form, you'll only need around 5 to 20g per day. If you're eating sprouts, than a small handful is fine to add to your salad or sandwich.

Is a super greens powder worth trying?

Why not make this a part of your morning routine? Imagine being closer to optimal health before leaving the house each morning?

5 Greens Whole Food Vitamin Powder mixes up easily in 250ml of cold water. This is a great way to begin your day, creating a daily healthy habit. With 100g of Green leafy veg equivalent in every serve, this is just what you may need to optimise your day and your state of health.


Alfalfa is what allows to tap into the earth's mineral source and also provide us a range of bioactive nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Why wouldn't you want to try thIs in your diet.

Try it for yourself to see and be aware of your own hormonal effect from consuming Alfalfa. It just may be the food you've been looking for to help take your health, wellbeing and mental clarity to the next level.

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